What is the Black Room concept?

The "Black Room" experience is an immersive reality game and entertainment for players of all ages.

As a hide-and-seek in the dark, it entertains both thrill-seekers and groups looking for fun activ


In a mysterious room over a hundred square meters in size, absolute darkness reigns. For 60 minutes, players are immersed in a specific universe and a special theme. The room dedicated to the “hide “and seek” activity is intricately designed, filled with unusual objects, secret passages, traps, nooks and crannies and special effects...
During hide-and-seek, team members have the opportunity to try out different roles and feel all the adrenalin: the fear of a fleeing victim or the excitement of a hunter.
And just as when the lights go out, vision no longer helps, so the rest of the senses are used . To get through without getting caught, you'll need to be vigilant, silent and alert every second.


Young and old, all players are welcome: adults and children aged 5 and over accompanied by their parents are allowed to take part. Children over 10 can play on their own. The ideal team is made up of between 4 and 24 people.

How to play?


Build your team

Your team must be made up of between 4 and 24 people. Family, friends or colleagues... choose the teammates for your future game!



Make your reservation on our website or by contacting us (by e-mail or by phone +33951617091). Your reservation allows you to block a time slot and a theme with your team.


Have fun!

Once you're there, it's all about playing! Enjoy yourself, hide, lose track of time, and let the game take you away...

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